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In the current climate, ICS is working hard to support our members, the wider shipping community and global trade by providing guidance, recommendations and information for shipowners, seafarers and governments.

To help protect the health of seafarers and passengers, as well as the general public, 国际航运商会确保提供关于冠状病毒(COVID-19)的最佳做法.

A growing number of guidance documents and posters including translations into French, Arabic and Spanish are available to download for free, 再加上完成转会前会议的最佳实践, and interactive versions of the ship/shore safety checklist.


Links to Further Resources

Free online COVID-19 tracker tool helping shipowners, charterers, 大发黄金版网页版登录和其他海事集团跟踪世界各地国家和港口的具体建议, 还详细介绍了为应对这一流行病而采取的措施:


  • Working with international organisations including the International Maritime Organization, 世界卫生组织和国际劳工组织.
  • Ensuring that best practice is available and responding to the emerging issues, 提请有关国际机构注意 并与合作伙伴一起确定解决方案并提出建议. 为此,ICS每周与我们举行两次电话会议 members around the world.
  • Collaborating with fellow industry bodies 有效地针对ICS的支持和建议, together and other industry bodies, are able to provide. ICS每周与其他行业组织的同事进行一次电话会议.
  • Liaising with welfare organisations to ensure we are able to support our seafarers in this difficult time. 这是一个重要的群体,它也确保海员的声音被国际组织听到. ICS正与各福利组织协调每周一次的电话会议.
  • Representing shipowners 在每周与国际海事组织的COVID-19战略小组电话会议上, 国际劳工组织和世界卫生组织, 以及欧盟委员会(European Commission)等其他机构.
  • Coordinating action on a wide range of issues, including crew welfare, satellite access, 邮轮业工人,并与港口组织和船级社联络,确保全球航运业的安全及环保运作. 为此,ICS正与工会和其他行业机构等合作伙伴密切合作.


Clear & practical advice on COVID-19 vaccinations for seafarers and shipping companies is available now. Watch the video to learn more. Thanks to all the seafarers and onshore teams that made the video possible.


#HeroesAtSea Campaign

观看并分享大发黄金版网页版#HeroesAtSea活动的电影, 强调了机组人员更换危机以及政府采取行动的必要性.

Annual Review 2020

2020年年度报告涵盖了COVID-19的影响和日益加剧的船员更换危机,以及广泛的领域,如努力实现航运脱碳和50亿美元的产业基金,以加快R&D of zero-carbon technologies.